The Natali Prize for Journalism Trophy

TrophyThe Natali Prize for Journalism Trophy is designed by Alison Counsell.

Alison Counsell was born in Zambia, and is now a designer/metalworker based in England. She has been designing work for international exhibitions, commissions and retail since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1987.

She has work in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Shipley Art Gallery and Yorkshire Craft Centre. Alison's innovative stainless steel vessels and churchware have received commendations in the 'Open for New Stainless Steel Ideas' 2000 competition (Meri-Lappi Institute, Finland - two prizes) and short listed for the 'Peugeot Design Awards' in 1999.

Alison designed 'The IFJ Prize' trophies from 1998 to 2000. She is also a lecturer in Metalwork and Jewellery. Further information about the designer and examples of her work can be seen at Sheffield Hallam University Art and Design Research Centre.