Take action for Wage Justice for Pakistani Journalists

Dear Colleagues,

Take action for Wage Justice for Pakistani Journalists on October 4

The IFJ, its affiliates, and Pakistani journalists are uniting to protest the decision made by Pakistan ' s publishers and media employers to continually ignore the wage award for journalists that was legally handed down in October 2001 by the Seventh Wage Board.

To pressure the Pakistani government, publishers and media owners, the IFJ has declared Tuesday October 4 the day of action for Wage Justice for Pakistani Journalists.

The IFJ will forward the following materials for the Day of Action:

  • A draft letter to the Pakistan government
    Organise a delegation from your union or organisation to take a copy of letter provided to the Embassy of Pakistan in your country. Use your organisation letterhead for the letter. Insert the name, title and address of the head of the embassy or commission in your country, and the signature, name, title, organisation and address of your organisation.
  • An advertisement that can be placed in any newspaper or magazine
    There are two ads provided, one with a photo of IFJ President Christopher Warren and one with just text. You can change last sentence to redirect questions to your union, or update it as you feel necessary. The advertisement is not to be used as a quote from Christopher Warren. The IFJ asks that unions place this ad using their own resources.
  • An article for publication
    This article can be distributed to any publication for printing. There will be two photos available that can be used with the article. If the photographs are used, please ensure they have the correct caption. This article attempts to give a human face to the issue of Wage Justice for Pakistani Journalists and will be vital for encouraging broader support in the community.
  • A radio bulletin for broadcast
    The IFJ acknowledges that some affiliate countries have strict broadcasting rules and will not be able to have the bulletin broadcast. For those affiliates who are able to organise a broadcast, this 1.5 - 2 minute piece outlines what the issue of Wage Justice for Pakistani Journalists and can include contact details of the appropriate affiliate.

All of this material is being sent in a separate email, and for those who can ' t open the attachments it is available on the IFJ Asia-Pacific website at http://www.ifj-asia.org/page/pakistan/html

Pakistani journalists need the voice of IFJ and its affiliates to help bring attention to the continuing violation of journalists ' rights as they fight for the implementation of the Seventh Wage Board decision.

With your help we can stop the suffering of our fellow Pakistani colleagues. We can put an end to this unlawful injustice caused by media companies who share no interest in the welfare of their own employees.

Only with our united support, can the rights of Pakistani journalists be upheld.

In solidarity,

Christopher Warren
IFJ President