Somali Journalists Condemn the Detention of Two Colleagues

Statement of the Somali Journalists Network

The Somali Journalists Network is condemning the recent arrest of STN journalists in Bossasso of Bari region.

The Puntland police in Bossasso arrested on 30 June Mr. Abdirisak Omar Ismail (Shek Adun) and Mr. Awale Jama’ who are the director and the editor of STN Bossasso respectively, as the management of STN confirmed.

The motive behind the arrest of the journalists is an interview they had with one of the candidates for the position of Mayor of Bossasso according to sources in Bossasso. But deputy police commander in Bossasso stated that the journalists broadcasted false information. The deputy police commander added that Puntland public prosecutor authorized the arrest.

During the arrest of journalists, the police shut down the STN’s FM station in Bossasso. As well, they detained the interviewed candidate. However, the STN FM station reassumed its operations on Sunday, 3 July, as the CEO of STN Mohamed Hersi Ismail (Tanade) told the Somali Journalists Network (SOJON).

Although it was very difficulty to get accurate information as early as possible, but reliable sources declared that Abdirisak Shek Adun, the director of STN Bossasso, is in poor health in the police station. According to Puntland law the detained person must appear at a court in 48 hours, but they were not brought to court since then.

“The arrest of STN journalists are intolerable,” said Omar Faruk Osman, the SOJON Secretary General. “We strongly protest this latest violation against freedom of press, and demand the immediate release of the journalists”.

Press Freedom Monitoring
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