Protest against BBC staff cuts : Write to the Director General !

If you want to express your solidarity with the journalists and media workers of the BBC, you can send the following letter of protest:

Mark Thompson
Director General
E-mail: [email protected]

Dear Mark

I am writing on behalf of _______ to raise my concerns over your plans to cut almost 4000 jobs across the BBC and privatise important parts of the Corporation.

Such a drastic reduction in staff will have enormous implications for the BBC, inevitably leading to a deterioration in quality and standards just at a time when promoting high quality public service broadcasting is so important.

The BBC’s ability to provide quality programmes including, high quality independent news and current affairs will be adversely affected, damaging the BBC’s worldwide reputation for quality in news and programme production.

We want to see a strong BBC independent of government – but that is not going to be achieved with massive cuts forced through at the expense of programme quality.

We call on the BBC to reconsider its decision to impose job and budget cuts which will damage programme making. We call on you to ensure the BBC is adequately resourced and properly staffed to protect the BBC’s values. We call on you to negotiate changes with staff instead of imposing them.