Portugal : Public Radio and Television on Strike

The workers of the public Radio and Television of Portugal (RTP) decided in plenary assembly on the afternoon of 10th February, to initiate a strike on the 18th day of two daily hours by turn and sector, and to the supplemental and nocturne work. The decision is a reply to the intransigence shown by the company Counsel of Administration (CA) in the final version proposed of the company Collective Agreement of Work that contains unacceptable clauses for workers and unions.

The strike for undetermined time was decided in plenary assembly on the headquarters of the company, in Lisbon, convoked by tree unions: Sindicato dos Jornalistas (SJ), Sindicato dos Trabalhadores de Telecomunicações e Comunicação Audiovisual (STT) and Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores das Telecomunicações e Audiovisual (SINTTAV).

In cause are matters as the validity period of the wage table, the copyrights, the type of performed functions, the irregular schedules, the weekly rest, the antiquity in the company, the complement of illness subsidy, the insurance of reform, the dislocation in service and the progression in the professional career.

In the appreciation of the Sindicato dos Jornalistas, in synthesis, the CA intends to increase the functional polyvalence and the flexibility of the work instalment, through the introduction of adaptability mechanisms on working hours and widening situations of irregular schedule and even to extend the concept of work location, the aggravation of these conditions translates in no benefit for the workers. The CA aims also to have the possibility of a discretional management in what touches to the evolution of the career and the substitution of the current regimen of social instalments in vigour on the company by insurances still insufficiently defined.