Newsletter: editorial

Our leadership decided on a very symbolic location for IFJ's 30th congress in 2019: Carthage, Tunisia. It is the first time an IFJ Congress will be held both in Africa and the Arab World since the IFJ’s creation in 1926.
This application, supported by our affiliate the Syndicat national des journalistes tunisiens (SNJT) and by the region through the Federation of Arab Journalists, was endorsed by the last executive Committee meeting in Moscow on 29-30 April 2017. 
While it will be the first Congress there, it won’t be Tunisia’s first time hosting an IFJ meeting. On 1st and 2nd June 1934, 83 years (!) ago, the IFJ executive committee met in Tunisia and expressed its fears on the worrying situation in Europe, both from a political and professional viewpoint. At the time, the Nazis had already won the elections in Germany. 
In November this year the SNJT has invited the IFJ executive committee to meet again in Tunis to prepare the 30th Congress.
In 2019, the profession will look again at the world from Tunis. For journalists and union activists, this congress will no doubt be historical.
Anthony Bellanger
IFJ General Secretary