Media and Good Governance: Exposing Corruption in Africa

Public access to information is a crucial factor in upholding democracy. This is why the IFJ has set up the IFJ-PA web site as part of its Media for Democracy in Africa programme.

The site is not designed to carryout any groundbreaking investigative work. Rather, the site is designed to be a resource to journalists and other persons seeking information or leads to information, which will be useful in promoting accountability and democracy. The web site will feature news from international and African news sources on transparency, corruption, political accountability and related issues in both the private and public sector. Summaries on the activities and publications of Intergovernmental organisations such as the Worldbank, IMF, WTO will also be featured. This will for example, include updated information on reports, loans and development aid. These will be balanced with reports on the activities and publications of non-governmental organisations and alternate voices.

The IFJ campaign for public accountability in Africa follows-up the conclusions of a conference addressing media and corruption issues, organised in Brussels in September 1998.

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