IFJ urges investigation into killing of South Sudanese Journalist

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called for an immediate and independent investigation into the killing of veteran freelance journalist, Issac Vuni, in South Sudan who had been missing since June.

The body of the journalist, , missing with his brother since June after unknown gunmen took them away from their home in southern Kerepi, was found dumped in a neigbhour’s farm in his village on 26 September. The whereabouts of his brother are still unknown. IFJ President Philippe Leruth said: “We strongly condemn this appalling crime which must not go unpunished and we urge the government to leave no stone unturned in identifying Vuni’s killers and bringing them to justice. This murder was also an attack against the whole journalism community and the rule of law in the country. “ According to reports published by the Sudan Tribune, Vuni’s wife, Lucy Jua, confirmed that in June six men in uniform stormed the house in which Vuni was living with guns and took him away together with brother. She deplored the lack of information surrounding her husband’s death. Vuni is the first journalist to be killed in South Sudan since the start of the year, according to the IFJ statistics.

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