IFJ calls for release of a detained journalist in Sudan

The International Federation of Journalist today called for the release of Faisal Mohamed Saleh, a Sudanese journalist arrested by the country’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

Saleh is a columnist and contributor to several independent and opposition publications. According to Eastern Africa Journalist Association (EAJA), Saleh was arrested today, May 9, 2012, by security forces of the National Intelligence and Security Services. He was taken to an unknown destination without access to a lawyer or a member of his family. The Security forces did not give any reason for his arrest.

“We condemn this unwarranted arrest and call on the authorities in Sudan to immediately release Faisal Mohamed Saleh and stop harassing him," said Gabriel Baglo, IFJ Africa Director.

Sudan is still a country where press freedom is seriously put to the test as journalists face strong threats in relation to their work.

“We can confirm that Faisal Mohamed Saleh has been harassed by the security forces because of his critical journalism. We denounce his arrest and detention and would hold the authorities responsible for anything that may happen to his health and security”, said Omar Faruk Osman, Secretary General, Eastern Africa Journalists Association (EAJA). 

On May 8, 2012, it has been reported that NISS has confiscated the entire print run of the independent daily Al-Tayar.

“This act is again a serious attack against press freedom”, Baglo denounced.