FECOLPER and ANP sign cooperation agreement in Peru

An agreement to establish a cooperation alliance between the Colombian Federation of Journalists (FECOLPER) and the National Association of Journalists of Perú (ANP), enabling mutual actions on training and public incidence, was signed by the Presidents of the two organizations, Eduardo Márquez González and Roberto Mejía Alarcón, at ANP headquarters, in Lima, on December 5th.

The agreement emerged as a response to the vital necessity of organized journalists to coordinate actions and solidarity on continental level. On another hand, it is a concrete reply of journalists and media workers to new challenges imposed by vertiginous technological and conceptual changes in media organisations.

Cooperation activities will focus on the following aspects:

Seminars, courses, training and investigation programs, social communications awareness, new technologies and other areas of scientific or humanistic knowledge, all of great interest for both organizations.

Exchange of professors and investigators, to give conferences, participate in the development of teaching, investigation and academic initiatives in the two countries.

Student exchange in investigation programs or complementary academic activities.

Exchange of documentary, bibliographic and information resources.

Investigations on work conditions.

Exchange of scientific and academic publications.

Joint actions on international, national and local level.

 FECOLPER and ANP agreed to establish mechanisms in order to separately or through a joint effort, obtain human and economic resources necessary for the execution of projects and programs.

“ANP celebrates this agreement with great enthusiasm. These are new possibilities to work on the defense of freedom of expression and strengthen organized actions of journalists in the region,” said Zuliana Laínez, ANP General Secretary.

Lainez added: “The reality of Colombian and Peruvian journalists is very similar and of concern in our region. The dire work conditions are a common trait in our realities. For this reason it is necessary to encourage journalists to become part of an organization. ANP has always believed in alliances and synergies since its foundation. This space for dialogue between ANP and FECOLPER confirms our vision and guarantees an exchange that will enrich the actions of both organizations.”

Eduardo Márquez, FECOLPER President, expressed satisfaction on the new agreement: “For us it is a reason to be proud, establish effective relationships based on solidarity with one of the most solid organizations in our continent, just months away from celebrating its 80 years of existence. We have a great deal to learn from our colleagues in Peru. There is much to share in our search for decent work conditions for journalists in both countries. Unfortunately, globalization arrived to our continent with savage economic policies, media concentration and media owners indifferent towards their social responsibility which also puts democracy at risk.”

National Association of Journalists of Peru, ANP

ANP represents 9000 journalists in Peru in 79 province associations

Colombian Federation of Journalists, FECOLPER

FECOLPER represents more than 1000 journalists in 18 departments in Colombia

Center of Solidarity of the International Federation of Journalists, CESO FIP

The IFJ represents more than 600.000 journalists in 120 countries