Journalism at the Crossroads: Facing up to Media Decline


Berlin, 13-15 June 2008


Draft Agenda



Friday, 13 June 


14.00 Registration


14.30 Start of the Meeting

Welcome and Introduction:

Arne König, Chair, European Federation of Journalists
Malte Hinz,  President, dju in ver.di


15.00 Panel: Outsourcing and Temporary Work in Europe

                 Hubert Engeroff, General Secretary, DJV, Germany

                 Seamus Dooley, General Secretary, NUJ, Ireland


Moderator: Aidan White, EFJ General Secretary


16.30 Coffee Break


17.00 Key-Note Speech: The Future in journalism

                 Vidal Beneyto, Le Monde Diplomatique



Moderator: Nina Törnhudd, EFJ Steering Committee


18.30 Reception

Saturday, 14 June, 2008 


9.30 Start of EFJ Annual Meeting


1.          Adoption of working rules


2.          Election of Presidium


3.          Approval of Agenda


4.          Voting Rights and Decision of Membership

           Election of Tellers


5.          Extraordinary General Meeting

(a)             Motions on Rules of the EFJ


     (back to Annual Meeting)


6.          Minutes of the GM, Zagreb, 2007


13.00-14.30 Lunch


7.          Reports

           a) Steering Committee Report

           b) Expert Group Reports

           Labour Rights Expert Group (LAREG)

           Authors’ Rights expert Group (AREG)

           Freelance Expert Group (FREG)

           Broadcasting Expert Group (BREG)


8. Financial Report

           a) Honorary Treasurer Report 2008

           b) EFJ/IFJ Accounts

           c) Finance Commission Report


Sunday 25 March


9.30 Start of the Meeting


9. Presentation of “A Diversity Toolkit” (EBU+European Union Agency for Fundamental rights)

11. Motions


11.30 Coffee Break


Continuation of Motion


12. Other


14.30 Lunch


End of Annual Meeting