do not take off embargo!!!! preview of media killed list

Hi guys-

This is just for you to see the basic layout of the killed list and to take a look through your sections to see if there are any issues and/or mistakes that you notice.

click here for the draft

Also some captions are missing. This is what I came up with: click here

<font color="#ff0000">As you will see I need some help from the Asia office on the captions for pages 24 and 25</font>

<font color="#000080">Also I am attaching the basic text (which still needs to be edited by Aidan) for the Safety Fund report. Can everyone look that over to make sure that it seems accurate for your region-- that no one is left off. The cases are purposely described in a very vague manner to protect the safety of those who we have helped. If you think any of them are still too specific let me know.</font>

<font color="#000080">Click here for Safety Fund report.</font>

<font color="#ff0000">This information is still private-- DO NOT PUBLISH IT ANYWHERE YET. If you have any questions just let me know. We are hoping to have everything finalized on Monday and online either Monday or Tuesday. Printing in English will be about a week later.</font>