Conference on Engendering Macro-Economics and Trade Policies within the Context of Globalisation: Role of the Media

The Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK), with the support of the Commonwealth Secretariat, will run a Regional Conference on Engendering Macro-Economics and Trade Policies within the Context of Globalisation: Role of the Media. It will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 29-31 January 2008.

The importance of media professionals in understanding the implications of global economic policies and their impact on developing countries cannot be gainsaid. In particular, the gender dimensions of these policies must be highlighted to show how they serve to advance gender inequalities in all spheres of the society. The media needs to appreciate the importance of stepping up the awareness on what the policies are about.

The objectives of this conference will be
• To provide a learning platform for women media practitioners to understand the principles and concepts of global economic policies like World Trade Organisation (WTO), General Agreements on Trade in Services (GATS), and Trade Related Aspects of International Property Rights (TRIPS).
• To help the media practitioners understand the role of the industrialised countries in the establishment of global trade and financial regimes and the impact of this on women and men in Africa and other developing countries.
• To analyse the positive and negative consequences of WTO policy on women and men
• To identify best practices to be highlighted as learning points in different media.
• To facilitate networking between media practitioners in the region for purposes of information sharing.
• To explore possibilities of networking between civil society organisations, donors and the government to disseminate information on globalisation in the context of specific countries.
The participants will be drawn from five countries: Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi and Kenya. Each country will send two participants. There will be eight representatives from Kenya.

AMWIK will cover travel and related expenses and participants will be selected based on the following criteria:

1. Applicants must be from one of the following countries Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi and Kenya.
2. Applicants must have demonstrated experience in reporting on trade and related issues within their countries or regionally
3. Those selected must be committed to be part of a regional network through which they can address issues of globalisation using a common information dissemination framework
4. Selected participants will be required to bring copies of their published or broadcast stories on the conference theme.
The deadline for applications is 10 January 2008.

Applications should be sent to:

Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK)
3rd Floor, Hughes Building, Muindi Mbingu Street
P.O. Box 10327-00100
Tel: + 254 020 246024/ 0722 201958
Fax: +254 020 247646
Email: [email protected]