2005: Resolutions adopted at the EFJ Annual Meeting, Bilbao 3-4 April



A) Union Rights and Collective Agreements

1. Resolution on Defence of Collective Agreements
2. Resolution on Collective Bargaining in Italy
3. Resolution on Draft Service Directive
4. Resolution on Freelance Journalism and Precarious Work
5. Resolution on Revision of EU Working Time Directive

B) Broadcasting and Media Policy

6. Resolution on EFJ Broadcasting Expert Group
7. EU Competition Law and Public Broadcasting
8. Resolution on BBC Cuts
9. Resolution on Privatisation of the RAI
10. Resolution on Redundancies in Electronic Services of the Public Broadcaster in Switzerland
11. Resolution on Ownership Regulation
12. Resolution on Media Policy
13. Resolution on Journalists’ Working Conditions in Cyprus
14. Resolution on Media Situation in Belarus

C) Other Issues

15. Resolution on Retention of Data
16. Resolution on Status of Journalists in Spain
17. Resolution on Kutlu Adali and ECHR
18. Resolution on Journalists Taken Hostage in Iraq

Remitted motion to the Steering Committee
Remitted Motion on Training and Quality

Remitted Motion to the IFJ
Remitted Motion on Journalists' Safety