IFJ Congress 2001: 12. Rights and Freedom of Journalists

12. Rights and Freedom of Journalists

Proposed: ANP, Peru

The 24th Congress of the IFJ, meeting in Seoul from June 11-16th 2001,

Considering that the International Federation of Journalists continues to develop union activities supporting pluralist democracy and the fundamental human rights,

noting that it has adopted objectives to protect the rights and freedom of journalists, to improve work conditions and to stimulate and support affiliates in collective negotiations, to promote the social role of journalists and the contribution of journalism to freedom and democracy.

determines that the IFJ Executive Committee should

a) prepare a World Charter about the Rights and Freedom of Journalists, on respect for that human dignity, freedom, justice, pluralism, revalorization of human work and its primacy as the key of a new development, reiterating values of culture and ethics, scientific and technological improvement as means of development for people.

b) prepare a 5-year Work Plan, that could be supported in the World Charter that will deepen of the process of democratization of media, and promote the defence and protection of freedom and human rights of journalists and their organizations; promote the social role of journalists in a fundamental way to contribute to democracy, peace and freedom.