Europe: Four mentors on gender and media 

As part of the EU- funded project “Rewriting the Story”, the project consortium (IFJ, Padova University and COPEAM) is looking for four experts to complete a mentoring session involving journalists unions’ and broadcasters’ representatives on enhancing gender equality in the media.


The EU-funded project “Rewriting the story: Gender, Media and Politics” aims at addressing barriers to the fair representation and portrayal of women and men in political life in European countries. 

One of the project activities includes a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) programme involving managers, producers, journalists and journalists’ unions to produce and adopt protocols, guidelines, agreements and initiate a mindset shift towards gender equality in editorial decisions, newsroom organisation and working conditions.

The consortium is looking for 4 mentors to facilitate this P2P activity.


The multilateral P2P exchanges will help strengthen the capacities of 6 Public Service Media and 6 journalists unions’ skills to tackle gender stereotypes in the media/press coverage, with a specific focus on women representation in the political news coverage. This process includes the identification of areas of concern, the development of an ad-hoc action plan and the setting-up of achievable and measurable goals for newsrooms’ reforms.  

The task of the mentors will involve:

1) Supporting peers in reviewing their working routines and workplace arrangements from a gender equality perspective

2) Enhancing peers’ capacity to develop gender equality internal guidelines/strategies/tools

3) Defining effective methods of management and monitoring of the results

Qualifications and skillsrequired

  • Working experience in a newsroom
  • Strong knowledge of gender equality in the media both from an editorial and work perspective
  • Ability to formulate ideas for viable solutions
  • Knowledge of trade unionism
  • Experience in gender mainstreaming in media industries 
  • Experience in facilitating workshops and leading discussions
  • Knowledge and experience in developing media / information strategies
  • Knowledge of international and European standards on gender equality in the media and existing tools, initiatives and strategies to foster gender equality in the media
  • Excellent command of English

Work description     

  • Participate in three 2-day group meetings taking place in 3 EU countries and bringing together 12 peers (to be scheduled between September 2023 and May 2024) 
  • One-to-one remote mentoring throughout the process
  • Write meeting reports in English (jointly elaborated with the peers)     
  • Total number of working days: 11


Applicants must be located in an EU country

Send cover letter and CV to [email protected] by 19/05/2023

Sydney-based Student Internship: Human Rights, Communications and Campaigns

Contract Type: Temporary, 2 to 4 months depending on the availability of the candidates. 

Contract Hours: Part-time, minimum 3 days per week. Interns will work both online and in-person at the IFJ Asia-Pacific office in Redfern, Sydney.

The IFJ internship requires an energetic, enthusiastic and self-motivated team player. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in international relations, media, human rights and unionism.  

Essential criteria:

  • Must be studying - communications, media, journalism, international relations, Asian studies, government or law
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Excellent written English language skills
  • Knowledge or experience in journalism/ communication
  • Able to convey complex ideas through writing in a clear and concise manner
  • Ability to work in an organised manner, independently and manage time effectively
  • Excellent computer skills and well versed in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Photo editing skills
  • Good knowledge of social media

Your daily tasks will involve:

  • Assisting the communication team in drafting daily press releases and news for the website and social media
  • Assisting IFJ press freedom campaigns including developing campaigning material
  • Monitoring world news on press freedom and journalists’ rights
  • Project management assistance

Interns will receive a small daily stipend.

How to apply: send covering letter, application form and CV to [email protected]

Download the application form here and internship description here. Applications close January 16, 2023.