Yemen: IFJ condemns horrific crime as 3 journalists are killed in bomb attack

(c) Khalid Al saeed Photography

The IFJ has joined the Yemeni Journalists’ Syndicate in condemning the murders of 3 journalists in a bomb attack  

The three photo-journalists: Taqi-eddin Al-Huzeifi, Wael Al-Absi, and Sa’ad Al-Nadhari, were killed on Friday, 26 May 2017, in a bomb attack carried out by theal Houthis which also injured two other photographers; Waled Al-Qadasi and Salah Al-Wahbani.  

The IFJ strongly condemned the killing. The YJS called it a “terrorist massacre on journalists, who had been conducting their job consistently throughout the war, and have been covering the incidents in Taiz governorate.  

 “The syndicate hold the al Houthis militia fully accountable for this crime, that comes after a series of incitements against journalists by Houthi leaders who have called explicitly for the execution of journalists in the most brutal way, in complete contravention of  international humanitarian law.         

 “The continuous silence of the concerned international institutions has encouraged such heinous crimes and violation of international law.  

“While we express our shock and regret for this silence, we call upon the UN and the international community to bear its responsibility for such crimes and undertake immediate measures to arrest the perpetuators and bring them to international justice and charge them as war criminals”, the YJS said in a statement.  

The Syndicate also called on media companies to train photographers and field journalists on occupational safety measures while covering conflicts and wars.  

IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger said: “These crimes are horrific. We extend our deepest sympathy to our colleagues in Yemen. Now we need an urgent response from the UN and international community to put pressure on the authorities to carry out a thorough investigation in to the killings and to secure justice for the victims, their families and colleagues”.  

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