IFJ Demands US Free Iraqi Journalist after Violent Raid

The IFJ today condemned the raid by American forces on the home of Hesen Al-Maajon, a journalist and the president of the Iraqi Union of Journalists' Salah Al-Dien branch, and called on the military to release him immediately.


American forces arrested Al-Maajon on Monday after using sound grenades that destroyed furniture in their raid on his home. The IFJ joins the Iraqi Union of Journalists (IUJ) and the Iraqi Media Safety Group in their protest over Al-Maajon's detention.


"Our colleague is a journalist and well-known union leader," said IFJ Aidan White. "There is no reason for him to be detained. He should be released immediately and receive compensation for the damage to his home."


The attack was the second that the journalist has faced in the last month. On June 8, two civilians in a modern car stopped him on his way home and beat him severely before putting him in the trunk of their car.


Earlier this year, on February 27, the national President of the IUJ, Shihab al-Timimi, died after being shot by unknown gunmen as he left the Union's offices in Baghdad.


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