IFJ Questions Detention of Afghan Reporter by Coalition Forces


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) welcomes the

unconditional release on June 4 of Afghan reporter Noorajan Bahir, who was

detained for two days without charge by US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan’s



However, the IFJ questions the manner in which Bahir was detained, and

the failure of coalition forces to provide an explanation or apology.


Bahir, a reporter for the independent Killid Media Group, was detained with

his two brothers during a search of their home late on June 2, according to the

Afghan Independent Journalists’ Association (AIJA), an IFJ affiliate.


Coalition forces reportedly broke and destroyed several of the occupants’

belongings, including briefcases, and confiscated money (worth about USD2000)

before taking the three brothers to a military base near the eastern town of Khost, a BBC reporter

told the AIJA.


A statement issued by coalition forces on June 3 said the brothers were

detained due to an alleged association with Taliban commanders. However, NATO

forces requested that the coalition withdraw the statement, a local source told

the AIJA.


AIJA members in the east and south of Afghanistan

issued statements condemning Bahir’s detention and demanding his immediate



“Aggressively entering the home of a journalist and

arresting him and his family without any evidence is totally unacceptable. We

strongly condemn such overwhelming and illegal detention,” AIJA President Rahimullah

Samander said.


“Journalists living and reporting in war zones show great courage

in gathering independent and impartial information to report all sides of a conflict.

Detentions of this kind, without adequate explanation, risk generating

unfounded suspicion about the media which could further endanger journalists’

lives,” IFJ Asia-Pacific Director

Jacqueline Park said.


The IFJ joins the AIJA in calling on all parties in Afghanistan’s

conflict to respect the rights of journalists as civilians and to ensure their

safety and protection. 


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information contact IFJ Asia-Pacific

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