IFJ Condemns Increase of Violence Against Journalists in DRC

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemned today the assaults by police and violent arrest of Sebastien Mulamba and Mbuyi Mukadi, of the daily  « Kisangani News », in the course of their work in Kisangani, Eastern region of  Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


‘’We vigorously condemn the arrest and the increase of police violence against journalists and the media in DRC since the last November elections,” said Gabriel Baglo, IFJ Africa Director.   « We call on authorities to stop the violence against journalists and free the two arrested journalists, » he added.


According to the National Union of Media Professionals (SNPP in French), an IFJ affiliate, police arrested and brutalized Sebastien Mulamba and Mbuyi Mukadi two journalists working for the daily newspaper « Kisangani News » in Kisangani. They have been surrounded and stopped by police as they arrived at a professional appointment.  Police did not give any reason for the arrest, but presented a warrant before conducting them to their headquarters.


 «Mulamba and Mukadi revealed that they were beaten up and handcuffed like common bandits by police. We are particularly shocked by this arrest, » said Stanis Nkundiye, Secretary General of SNPP.


“In less than a week, this is the second attack against press freedom that we have registered in that country,” said Baglo.