IFJ Action to Strengthen Media Freedom in the Pacific


The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is currently implementing a new project in the

Pacific designed to strengthen the role of media workers and press freedom

advocates in defending and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms in

the region.


Media for Democracy and Human Rights

in the Pacific, which is supported by the European Union and UNESCO, aims to bring

together an enduring coalition of organisations and individuals who will

jointly promote and defend rights related to freedom of the media, freedom of

expression, access to information and the right to free association.


“This project sees the IFJ work

with associates and colleagues from Pacific

Island nations and the

region to deliver on-the-ground skills development for media workers in the

region,” IFJ Asia-Pacific Director

Jacqueline Park said.



for Democracy and Human Rights in the Pacific is an IFJ-coordinated project

which has particular relevance to Fiji as a country where fundamental

freedoms are at great risk and pose negative repercussions for other States in

the region.”


IFJ Asia-Pacific, with national

and regional organisations based in the Pacific, has coordinated a series of

training and related activities to develop skills in monitoring of media rights

in Pacific States and promoting a culture of public service journalism.


The work is being implemented by the

IFJ with Lisa Williams-Lahari as local coordinator and media rights monitor. She has extensive experience in advocating media freedom across the Pacific.


“Journalists and their organisations

have an important role to play in ensuring that censorship, restrictions and

attacks against the media and media personnel are not tolerated, that media

independence is valued and encouraged, and in promoting democratic processes

and accountable governance,” Park said.


“By supporting the role of

journalists and the media in campaigning for press freedom and media

independence, the program will reinforce the central role of an independent

media in promoting civil society, democratic discourse and human rights for all

within the Pacific community.”


The project runs over 24 months,

with phased activities conducted in various countries.


The most recent activity of the project was a roundtable meeting of Pacific journalists and media partners which highlighted the importance of developing media skills and standards for both mainstream and citizen



A copy of the outcomes statement for the activity is availablefor download here: Pacific Media Rising 2011 - Outcomes Statement.pdf



Project associates:

Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF)

Pacific Media Centre (PMC)

Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

Pacific Islands News Association (PINA)

Journalists' Associaiton of Samoa (JAWS)

Engineering, Print and Manufacturing Union (EPMU), New Zealand

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, Australia



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