EFJ GM 2001: 11. Resolution on Turkey

European Federation of Journalists (IFJ)


Adopted by the EFJ GM held in Saint Vincent, Italy, May 4-5, 2001

11. Resolution on Turkey

From SNJ-CGT, France

The situation in Turkey is dramatic. The economic crisis is at its worst; and is accompanied by a political and institutional crisis. The power in place attempts to minimize the impact of the hunger strikes in the prisons.

In this context, the press is in danger. The impediments to the freedom of information are multifold: For the Turkish authorities journalists have to be made tacit. Journalists are not allowed to forward information of debates at Parliament.

Today journalists are dismissed; others are in prison for having broken the so-called anti-terrorist law, the emergency law or for having helped an illegal organisation.

The European Journalists Federation, which gathered at the EFJ General Meeting in St. Vincent (Italy) condemn these attacks on the freedom of information. The EFJ demands the Turkish government that it releases all the imprisoned journalists and that it re-establishes all fundamental civil rights.

The members of the EFJ launch an appeal to their respective governments and to the European Union, but also to the Council of Europe to intervene to the Turkish government that it respects its engagements in matters on human rights and freedom of information. The EFJ requests the Council of Europe to condemn the Member State Turkey on the behavior by the government vis-à-vis the journalists