Journalist Heikki Jokinen elected in the IFRRO board as IFJ representative.


journalist Heikki Jokinen from Finland was elected as substitute director for creators in the IFRRO board as a

representative of the IFJ.

The International

Federation of Reprographic Rights Organisation (IFRRO) in a global federation

for the collective management organisations active in the print sector. It has 138

members from 75 countries, including several authors' and publishers

organisations. The IFFRO members' authors' rights revenue is more than 800

million euro a year.


The IFFRO board was elected during the IFRRO congress in Buenos

Aires at the end of October and has 12 members from five continents.


Jokinen is a former chair of the EFJ freelance expert group, member of the

EFJ authors' rights expert group and member of the board of Kopiosto, the Finnish

collective management organisation.