IFJ Condemns Indonesian Broadcaster’s Anti-Union Activities


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

joins its affiliate the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) in condemning

the ongoing anti-union activities of Jakarta-based TV station, Metro TV.


As noted in a previous IFJ statement, Metro TV sacked Indonesia journalist Luviana in February 2012,

despite her 10 years of work for the TV station, in apparent response to her

attempts to establish a workers’ union.


While the case has not yet been subjected to an

enforcement power of settlement, Metro TV has not paid Luviana since June 27, in

conflict with Indonesia’s Governmental

Regulation No. 8/1981on Salary

Protection, of which Article 2 states: "The

right to receive salaries is valid during employment relations and will be

ended as the connection is terminated." Under such regulations, companies

are bound to pay an employee until a severance decision with an enforcement

power of settlement is issued. 


Luviana was known to have frequently questioned discriminatory

and impalpable policies made by Metro TV’s newsroom which resulted in the

management of Metro TV moving her to a non-editorial position without giving any

clear reason. Prior to being sacked, Luviana was preparing the establishment of

a workers union at Metro TV.


The IFJ-AP joins AJI in questioning the grounds for

Metro TV’s termintation of Luviana’s employment and believe that the measures

taken against Luviana were a deliberate attempt at curbing freedom of speech

and assembly in the workplace.


The IFJ-AP Director Jacqueline Park has called on

Metro TV to meet AJI’s demands, as follows:


1.            That the management

of Metro TV annul the severance decision regarding Luviana and return her to

her position as a news producer at Metro TV.

2.            That the management

of Metro TV resolve their employment issue in line with Indonesia’s labour laws,

including paying Luviana's wages that have been unpaid as of June of 2012. 

3.            That the management

of Metro TV allow Luviana to gather with her co-workers and form a workers’




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