China Security Bureau Confiscates Magazine


International Federation of

Journalists (IFJ) is disturbed to learn that the Beijing Security Bureau has confiscated

copies of a free magazine.



officers confiscated The Holy Mountain,

a Christian magazine published by Zhongfu Holy Mountain Institute, in Beijing on October by 27.

They gave no explanation.



to Radio Free Asia, Fan Yafeng, who is in charge of the magazine, said the

printing company advised him that security bureau officers raided the printing

premises and removed all the magazines.



action is reminiscent of the confiscation of The Holy Mountain during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.


Fan, a well-known legal scholar and activist for religious

freedom, is a signatory to Charter 08, the pro-democracy document signed by

prominent journalists, writers, activists and academics. Liu Xiaobo, an initiator

of the Charter 08 statement, was sentenced to 11 years’ jail on December 25,

2009, accused of agitation to subvert the Government. Liu was awarded the Nobel

Peace Prize last month.



told Radio Free Asia that the security bureau may intend to charge him with illegally

publishing a book for commercial sale. The

Holy Mountain is a free magazine distributed to the Christian community in Beijing since 2007.



move came as it was reported that a Christian writer, Yu Jie, and his wife had

been placed under house arrest. According to a Twitter message on October 27, Yu

said that Beijing

security bureau officers had not permitted him to leave home or his wife to

consult a doctor.



IFJ urges China’s

authorities to recognise that the confiscation of the magazine breaches Article

35 of China’s Constitution, which enshrines the right to a free press,” IFJ General

Secretary Aidan White said. “



IFJ calls on the Beijing

Security Bureau to return the magazines to the publisher immediately, and

refrain from further such breaches of the Constitution.”


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