2004 EFJ Resolution on EP Report on Press Freedom

Tabled by the FNSI, Italy

The General Meeting of the European Federation of Journalists expresses its support for the adoption of the Report on the risks of violation of press freedom in the EU and especially in Italy of the European Parliament during the Plenary Session, April 19-22, 2004.

The text, approved by the Committee of Citizens’ Freedom and Rights – Report of Ms Boogerd Quaak- and submitted on 20 April to the Plenary Session of the European Parliament, is taking into account the main concerns of journalists.

The situation of press freedom and the citizens rights to be correctly informed, is becoming increasingly worrying, in particular concerning the independence and the role of public broadcasters noting a general climate that is influenced by the war in Iraq and the upcoming European elections.

In Italy, the problem of the conflict of interest of Mr Berlusconi is not resolved. He still is both the Head of the Government and the chief of the major television network, with great influence over the media.

The EFJ considers that the rapid approval of the full text of the Report is very important and would have a positive impact on the present and future Italian and European media.