Regional groups

Proposed by the Nordic Journalists Union (NJF)

The World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists, meeting in Angers from June 7th – 10th 2016,

emphasising that the international journalist society should develop sustainable solidarity through strong organisations as both the IFJ and the regional organisations and groups should enhance their co-operation;


  • concerns raised about the finances in the IFJ as the equity has decreased significantly since the Congress in 2013, and that the financial situation of the IFJ requires stability;
  • that it is of great importance that each affiliate is able for its members to be accountable for the work done by the IFJ and the regional organizations;
  • the importance of the affiliates to stretch out to more members to maintain and develop their representative as a prerequisite for strengthening our global network;
  • that a number of affiliates every year have difficulties to pay their membership fees;
  • that some affiliates often are more connected to their continental and regional organisations;

reaffirming IFJ policies to give more attention to regional groups to build upon the decision made at the Dublin Congress 2013 about developing a transregional dialogue and sustainable financial budgets in the regions.

considering that the liaison is stronger at regional level, both IFJ and the regional organisations will benefit from affiliates having stronger connections with their respective regional groups.

Congress instructs the IFJ Executive Committee to set up a membership Working Group. Such a group should be formed before the end of 2016 and include representatives from the IFJ Administrative Committee and from the IFJ continental and regional groups (EFJ, FEPALC, FAJ, Asia-Pacific and North America). The group should consider

  • how to organise the affiliates in countries where there is a need of capacity building to get more representative organisations;
  • the development of the structure of IFJ and its regional groups including the composition of the fee system taking into consideration the efforts made by the IFJ continental and regional groups to develop and consolidate the work of our unions and associations.