Media under threat of extinction in Central Africa

Proposed by the Syndicat national des professionnels de la presse, République démocratique du Congo (SNPP)

The World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists, meeting in Angers from June 7th – 10th 2016,

considering that countries had to complete their the digital transition by June 2015 at the latest;

deploring that the transition in Central Africa be tough and imposed without any support to the media and the people;

observing that the switch from analog to digital distribution is condemning a large range of broadcasters to close down since they cannot afford to renew the information production equipment and pay for the new operating licences issued by the government;

noting that DRC and Cameroon broadcast media are dramatically hit and that in 2017 job losses will be particularly high in the industry;

Congress urges IFJ Executive Committee to carry out widespread awareness-raising campaigns and advocacy for the survival of the media under threat.