Dialogue of trust against hate speech and aggression in media

Proposed by the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ)

The World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists, meeting in Angers from June 7th – 10th 2016,

recalling the previous decisions and statements of the IFJ;

supporting the IFJ intention to fight all kinds of discrimination, xenophobia and hatred, as well as the tendency to use journalists for political and other purposes far from the mission of the journalist;

sharing the concern and anxiety with the increase of a degree of aggression in the media, due to recent political developments;

Congress instructs the IFJ Executive Committee to:

  1. develop an effective strategy to fight the language of hatred and aggression in the media and include this activity in the list of priorities for IFJ and its regional organisations;
  2. assign the IFJ Executive Committee to facilitate the development of a unified strategy to overcome the rise of hate speech in the media;
  3. request the IFJ Executive Committee to initiate a global campaign to overcome the aggression in the media, including regional campaigns and debates;
  4. support co-operation and exchange of experiences in overcoming hate speech, informational wars and peaceful development of the language of communication;
  5. support the initiative of Russian Union of Journalists and UNESCO's Dialogue of Trust as a tool to overcome the language of hatred and aggression and create a permanent dialogue in the profession and society.

Carried: unanimously