Brazil: IFJ backs affiliate FENAJ in defending the responsibility and ethics of journalism

This Executive Committee meeting on 9th and 10th April in Brussels views with extreme concern the political events unfolding in Brazil, in particular reports that sections of the media have abandoned their independent  role which has led to violent attacks against journalists and press freedom.  

The IFJ notes that its Brazilian affiliate, FENAJ, has repeatedly denounced the media's treatment of events, which misinforms rather than informs, taints the ethical commitment of journalism in the pursuit of truth, and severely jeopardises citizens rights.  

The IFJ backs FENAJ's calls on media professionals to defend the responsibility and ethics of journalism. Journalists (whether voluntarily or not) are at the center of Brazil's current political crisis because of the role the media has taken. Therefore, it is more important than ever that journalists do not give up plying their trade, which is to bring true information to society.  

Recognising that Brazilian democratic rights and press freedom are under threat, the IFJ resolves to send a message of support to our Brazilian affiliate and to make our position clear to the relevant authorities.

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