IFJ Congress 2001: 27. Equality and Quality of Work

27. Equality and Quality of Work Proposed: Association of Journalists of Republika Srpska , amended by the NUJ (UK, Ireland) The 24th Congress of the IFJ, meeting in Seoul from June 11-16th 2001, Considering that in countries in transition there is a need for better legal, professional and social conditions in order to establish the highest level of professionalism in media, noting that such improvements are needed in all sectors of media, whether they are public or private owned, and are related to: - the importance of free and open media in a system where there is respect for freedom of expression and opinions, - editorial independence and limiting any kind of monopoly in media and as well as censorship by government or other political institutions; - respect for high ethical standards in accordance of international and national declarations and ethical codes of practise; - support for improved social conditions of staff employed journalists, as well as freelancers to ban exploiting of journalists work, creativity and other intellectual activities by the owners and managers in media, instructs the Executive Committee to review the IFJ Code of Conduct, to promote the code and to encourage all affiliates to have their own codes of journalistic conduct which are enforceable by the affiliates.