IFJ Congress 2001: 26. IFJ Quality in Journalism Campaign

26. IFJ Quality in Journalism Campaign Proposed: by the Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV) and IG-Medien (Germany) The 24th Congress of the IFJ, meeting in Seoul from June 11-16th 2001, considering that quality of journalism is fundamental to the existence of a thriving, professional and reliable media in the service of democracy insisting that quality counts in the printed press, broadcasting and all forms of new media, no matter if journalists are fully employed or working as freelances believing that quality does not just mean a reliable system of delivery of information, but requires also that Journalists are aware of their social responsibilities towards society, Journalists are conscious of and consider carefully all ethical questions, Journalists are able to enjoy existing employment and gain new job opportunities in the information economy, noting that the following are essential conditions for the creation of an editorial environment in which quality journalism can flourish: · freedom of opinion and expression, · editorial independence and the right to protect sources, · a sound and effective legal framework for media, · transparency in government and freedom of information, · the right to organise in trade union and professional organisations and works councils · economic security, social rights and freedom of collective bargaining · author’s rights – protection for economic and moral rights · access to journalism training · guarantees of safety and protection, Congress instructs the Executive Committee to launch a worldwide Quality in Journalism Campaign as a follow up to the Media For Democracy Programme and to seek co-operation with and support from, other professional, political and human rights groups. Congress insists that this Campaign is co-ordinated with IFJ member unions and defined according to their priorities. The creation of regional expert groups to support the campaign should be considered and Congress instructs the Executive Committee to report on this work to the next Congress.