The IFJ’s 19 member unions and associations in Latin America and the Caribbean, representing more than 20,000 journalists and media professionals, are supported by the regional office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The IFJ co-ordinates actions across the region to support the exercise of independent and quality journalism, in a framework of unrestricted defence of democracy and the human and labour rights of journalists and media workers in the region.

Key recent projects have included:

  • The promotion of collective bargaining and union organization, including conducting research on regional and international legislation on labour, union and collective bargaining rights.
  • The analysis of the risk of media concentration for the exercise of journalism and democratic liberties.
  • The promotion of gender equality in news content and in the workplace for the construction of equal opportunities
  • The protection of human rights and security for the exercise of the journalistic profession
  • Strengthening communication and recruitment skills for unions

The IFJ’s regional group, the Federation of Journalists of Latin America and the Caribbean (FEPALC) is the leading voice in defending the social and labor rights of workers and the unity of action among its  member unions.