Insurance that covers you wherever the story takes you!

Whether heading into a conflict zone, going to remote or challenging places or simply travelling abroad for work with valuable equipment, journalists and media professionals need unique policies and local support and know-how.

Through our partnership with Battleface we are offering members an unparalleled range of insurance cover and emergency support – including in the world’s most challenging environments

On-the-ground emergency support is built into every policy, and accessible via a tech-based platform that fits in your pocket. Options to cover equipment and a 24/7 crisis response for victims of violent crimes, wrongful detention, mysterious disappearance, kidnapping, blackmail, extortion, political threats, hijacking, and acts of terrorism is also available.

IFJ members can secure full protection for emergency medical evacuation and accidents, insure their equipment 24/7, all whilst traveling anywhere in the world. Members can be protected for emergency medical expenses and evacuation, be covered against accidents and injuries and will also be able to insure their equipment whilst travelling anywhere in the world.

And what’s more – if you are the holder of an IFJ Press Card – you enjoy an exclusive discount too!

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