Myanmar: Journalists attacked following critical mining report

Journalists Moon Moon Pan and Ah Je were detained and assaulted by employees of a mining company in Waingmaw in Kachin in Myanmar on February 26. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its affiliate the Myanmar Journalists Association (MJA) condemn the attack on the two journalists and demand an immediate investigation.

The two Myitkyina News Journal journalists attacked in Kachin, Myanmar. Credit: The Irrawaddy

According to The Irrawaddy the two Myitkyina News Journal journalists were detained by staff from the Tha Khin Sit Mining, Import and Export Company, and forced from the newsroom to the company’s site. They were detained for over two hours in separate rooms and allegedly abused. They were ordered to take down an article about the company.

The two journalists were released when colleagues alerted police and went to the site.

The Myanmar Journalists Association, in its statement, said that there is no justification to bully be violent towards journalists. The two journalists are doing their job ethically in accordance with the media law, which is informing the public for the right to the information of all the citizens.

“Myanmar Journalists Association is also concerned on the abuse towards the journalists for writing news that is of public concern and strongly calls on the government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to protect the right to information of the public and rights of journalists,” MJA said.

The IFJ said: “The attack on Moon Moon Pan and Ah Je is a violent attempt to intimidate and silence critical voices. Swift and decisive action needs to be taken to ensure these types of attacks do not continue against journalists who were simply doing their job. Journalists must be able to operate with fear or intimidation.”








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