Helsinki Meeting on Public Broadcasting : expectations and reality

Public Service Broadcasting - expectations and reality

Helsinki, 20 March 2002, 13.00 -

Auditorium of Finnish Broadcasting Company's HQ

Programme :

Supply and demand

Audience's programme preferences vis-à-vis programme offerings of the different television channels in Sweden

Kent Asp, Professor of Media Studies, Gothenburg University, Sweden

What the viewers want?

The contemporary broadcasting market and the role of the Public Service Broadcaster - a view from the UK.

Richard Collins, Professor of Media Studies, Open University, UK

My kind of Public Service Broadcasting

Erkki Laatikainen, Editor-in-chief, Keskisuomalainen newspaper, Jyväskylä, Finland

Information :

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The conference is organised by the Union of Radio and Television

Journalists in Finland and the Union of Journalists in Finland as part of the IFJ Campaign for the Defence of Public Service Broadcasting