#WPFD Haris Jamalzada: " It’s our duty as journalists to fight against violence, injustice, bigotry and inequality"

Haris Jamalzada is the current affairs manager at Khurshid TV and a Rana Journalism Faculty Lecturer. He is a member of the Afghan Independent Journalists' Association and has more than 10 years’ experience in Afghan media

Credit: IFJ Journalist Haris Jamalzada

1. My biggest concern for press freedom? 

"With the coming of World Press Freedom Day, I am concerned about the ongoing restrictions of freedom of expression and freedom of the media in Afghanistan. It’s our duty as journalists to fight against violence, injustice, bigotry and inequality".

 2. What are your daily challenges as a journalist? 

"Trust is a huge challenge. I don’t trust the Taliban and they are the biggest obstacles to media freedom and freedom of expression. Violence against journalists is a daily routine. Another challenge are government officials' limitations on sharing information".

3. What are the most important stories to cover right now? 

"Hunger and poverty, the Afghan peace process, increased Taliban violence, the ongoing political crisis and currently Covid-19".






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