#WPFD Global journalists stand up for press freedom

What is your biggest concern for press freedom in your country? What are your daily challenges as a journalist? What are the most important stories to cover right now? Meet world journalists who are fighting fiercely to defend a free press.

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Hassan Al-Aboudi, Iraq: "One of the most important threats journalists are exposed to is harassment by government agencies due to a lack of understanding of the nature of journalistic and media work" . Read the Full Interview.

Nima Hassan Abdi, Somalia: "Access to information from relevant authorities does not exist". Read the Full Interview.

Farah Marshita Abdul Patah, Malaysia: "If the general public understands the important role of the media as a watchdog, there would be greater press freedom". Read the Full Interview.

Maja Sever, Croatia: "I try to show the importance for public service media to be independent from political influence". Read the Full Interview.

AGBOKA Koffi Agbévavi, Togo: "Media independence means the ability for journalists to work without fear". Read the Full Interview.

Haris Jamalzada, Afghanistan: "It’s our duty as journalists to fight against violence, injustice, bigotry and inequality". Read the Full Interview.

Lotfullah Najafizada, Afghanistan: "I've lost 11 colleagues, all killed in suicide bombings". Read the Full Interview.   

Syed Hassan Abbas, Pakistan: “Media is the only effective medium between the state organs and the public in this health crisis”. Read the Full Interview.

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