#RatifyC190 to support women journalists' claims against cyberattacks

Christos Christophides from the Union of Cyprus Journalists explains the benefits of ILO Convention 190 and how it widens the scope of a workplace to include online space.

Christos Christophides

The main violence women journalists face in Cyprus are cyber-attacks that, in many cases, in contrast to online abuse of male journalists, go beyond the vulgar sexist euphemism and intimidation. 

Most of the time, the victims of these attacks do not file a complaint for fear that until their complaint is being examined the attacks and the rhetoric will intensify.

Ratification of ILO Convention 190 will help address the issue because, inter alia, it defines the "world of work", which transcends the workplace and includes work-related facilities and communications (Article 3). 

In addition, the ratification process of the Convention has led to the launch of workshops and seminars in the workplace to raise awareness on violence and harassment in the world of work.

Christos Christophides

Union of Cyprus journalists

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