Palestine: Unions launch joint action against poor social conditions

Journalists in Palestine will join a sit-in organised by Labour unions to demand improved social conditions for media workers. In a joint statement published on August 5, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) announced the joint sit-in with other labour organisations on August 9, to protest against the Palestinian Authority's failure to address the poor social conditions and to consult with civil society groups. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) stands with its affiliate, the PJS, and demands stronger government commitment towards workers’ organisations and better social policies for all.

List of the 16 professional unions and popular federations that signed the statement.

Several strikes have taken place over the past month to protest against the Palestinian government’s social policy (medical emergencies workers, engineers, etc.) and legal reforms regarding court fees without previous consultations with lawyers, unions or even civil society groups. 

In this context, Palestinian unions held a coordination meeting at the headquarters of the PJS on  August 4, 2022. With the aim of strengthening joint union action, a statement was published on August 5.

The statement, endorsed by 16 organisations (professional unions and federations), is calling for a joint sit-in of the labour movement on August 9 in front of the Higher Judiciary Council building. The protest will take place in support of the engineers’ and lawyers’ demands, and will ask the government to commit itself to implementing previous agreements reached with trade unions and abide by the timetables for implementation.

The IFJ welcomes the unity behind this joint action as well as the collaboration on the ground between trade union centres and professional unions. 

Unions must fight unjust social and economic policies and we convey our strong support to all unions in Palestine for holding the government accountable”, said IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger.

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