Mass lay-offs of media union members in the Philippines

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliate the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) in condemning the blanket sacking of workers from TV5, most of who are union members. The IFJ and NUJP stand in solidarity with our colleagues. Last week, more than 100 employees from TV5 in the Philippines were sacked, including 98 union members. According to TV5 Employees Union, management initially said that lay-offs were due to financial losses and part of a strategy to make the station debt-free by 2019. However the notice issued to those affected said that they were not fit for the job. The lay-offs came after the TV5 Employees Union had negotiated for better salary, security of tenure and benefits in late 2016. NUJP chairperson, Ryan Rosauro said: “By diminishing the number of union members, the TV5 management aims to weaken the union and replace its regular workers with contractual or agency-hired employees. Sadly, the plight of TV5 workers is not isolated. The entire media industry is full of un-unionized workers who suffer long working hours without security of tenure, just pay and benefits. As we pledge our solidarity and support to our ABCEU colleagues, we also call on all journalists to unite and unionize for media workers’ rights and welfare.” The IFJ said: “The blanket sacking of 98 union members is a blatant attempt by TV5 to weaken the union and its ability to represent and support the workforce. Journalists in the Philippines work in an incredibly challenging environment, which is further exacerbated by job insecurity. We join NUJP in pledging solidarity to our colleagues in the Philippines.”

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