IFJ Presses UN on Safety and Freedoms of Ukrainian and Russian Journalists

The International Federation (IFJ) today urged the UN Human Rights Council to ensure that attacks on journalists and other restrictions on press freedom cease in both government and separatist-controlled areas in and around Ukraine. The call came at the 32nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, following the OHCHR report on Ukraine presented by the UN Assistant General Secretary for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic. The IFJ highlighted cases of violence against journalists since the outbreak of pro-government protests in November 2013, including at least ten killings, arrests, torture, searches and confiscation of equipment. It also condemned the treatment of Crimean journalists by the Russian authorities, the banning and censorship of Russian and international journalists from Ukraine as well as the serious threat to the safety of journalists working in the country, including those who had their personal details published on pro-Russian websites. The IFJ has urged the Council to put the protection of all journalists at the centre of its efforts to address the conflict in and around Ukraine.

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