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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned. Check all the international media coverage of IFJ, divided by language, in the period between 3 and 10 December 2021.


Global media group says journalist imprisonments on rise, APnews

Report Shows Afghanistan's Women Scribes Are Unwilling to Give Up Their Claim on Media Space - The Wire

UK High Court overrules earlier decision to block Wikileaks founder’s extradition to US - EU Reporter

Nobel laureate: Media should fight for facts, not each other - Spectrum news

Nobel Peace Prize winners call for journalist protections - IVP

Hong Kong: unwelcoming place for international media? - Vanguard

#MeToo in China, prisoner release in Cambodia, and landmark legislation in Pakistan, IFEX

This Reporter Helped Free 1,600 Yemeni Prisoners, Open Society Foundations

Focus on curbing risks of ‘organized use’ of disinformation, social media platform group urged, VERA files

Plight of journalists in spotlight, the namibian

A milestone legislation for journalists, Pakistan Observer

Sri Lanka: Journalist attacked by soldiers for reporting on Tamil memorial, IFEX

‘700 women journalists in 2020, less than 100 now’: IFJ, NWMI launch report on Afghan women journalists, newslaundry

Report Shows Afghanistan's Women Scribes Are Unwilling to Give Up Their Claim on Media Space - The Wire



La Justicia británica avala la extradición de Assange: ¿y ahora qué?, HuffPost

México, segundo lugar en periodistas asesinados - El Universal

La Federación Internacional de Periodistas se opone a la "persecución políticamente motivada" de Assange y su extradición a EE.UU., RT

La Federación Internacional de Periodistas informa sobre profesionales asesinados y encarcelados en 2021, Periodistas en español

Aumenta encarcelamiento de periodistas en el mundo, diariolasamericas


En Grèce, des lois inquiétantes contre la liberté de la presse, Libération

Le schéma national de maintien de l'ordre est réécrit, la lutte paie !, SNJ-CGT

Quarante-cinq journalistes assassinés en 2021, 365 sont toujours en prison, RTBF.be

Mehdi Jelassi dénonce la communication de la présidence de la République et du gouvernement, shmesfm

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