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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned. Check all the international media coverage of IFJ, divided by language, in the period between 7 and 14 August, 2020


PMC protests to Facebook over censored West Papua news item (ASIA PACIFIC REPORT)

Hong Kong pro-democracy supporters support free press after newspaper raid and arrests (PRESS GAZETTE)

COVID puts an Even Greater Squeeze on Journalists and Media Freedom (THE CHICAGO COUNCIL ON GLOBAL AFFAIRS)

Deported Current Time Journalists Arrive In Ukraine From Belarus (CURRENT TIME)

The Kashmiriyat Team Demands the Immediate Release of Qazi Shibli, Especially Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (THE KASHMIRIYAT)

COVID-19 cases in central jail: The Kashmiriyat team concerned about Qazi Shibli’s health (THE KASHMIR WALLA)

Int’l Federation of Journalists Urges Philippines to Put Leading Broadcaster Back to Air (PAKISTAN POST)

IFJ Condemns Iran's Closure Of Newspaper For Publishing COVID-19 Death Toll Opinion (PAKISTAN POINT)



Fédération internationale des journalistes: «Khaled Drareni n’a rien fait de plus que son travail» (ALGERIE FOCUS)

Médias-Pratiques anti-professionnelles: engager une réflexion collective (LA NATION)

Réforme des médias: le ministre de la communication a t-il les moyens de sa politique? (L'EXPRESS DZ)



Anuncian curso online internacional sobre periodismo (DIARIO LIBRE)

Al menos 65 periodistas detenidos en las protestas contra la reelección de Lukashenko en Bielorrusia (EUROPA PRESS)

Rusia lamenta las detenciones de sus periodistas durante las elecciones en Bielorrusia (SPUTNIK MUNDO)

México: asesinan a periodistas en Guerrero y Michoacán; se registran 17 asesinatos de comunicadores en los últimos 16 meses (REVERSOS)

“Son un chiste”: El desdén de funcionarios del Ejecutivo hacia la prensa (IZCANAL)

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