IFJ calls for global action for gender equality

IFJ - Global action for gender equality

Journalists around the world will take part in a global day of action to stand up for women workers’ rights on 8th March  to tackle the gender pay gap, eradicate media sexism and stop gender-based violence in newsrooms and workplaces.

Members of IFJ - affiliated unions and associations will use International Women’s Day to highlight key challenges facing women journalists in every continent.

As part of the UN’s International Women’s Day - “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” – IFJ affiliates will be demanding:

·         Equal access to leading newsroom positions for women and men

·         Closing the gender pay gap in journalism

·         Strengthening equal treatment for all workers regardless of gender

·         Developing and implementing gender equality policies in the newsrooms

·         Securing fair gender portrayal in news content

All journalists can take part by:

IFJ Gender Council co-chair Mindy Ran, writing on the IFJ’s website said: “At a time when tens of thousands of women journalists are facing threats, intimidation, harassment, violence and online and physical abuse the need for action could not be greater.” (Link http://www.ifj.org/nc/news-single-view/backpid/1/article/international-womens-day-no-roll-back-on-rights/)

For female journalists, this rise of “acceptable” misogyny – as evidenced by the recent loss of legislation against domestic violence in several countries – is colliding with rising threats to press freedom. As history has shown, these sorts of threats to the press usually lead to increases of violence. And, as with other forms of violence, female journalists may increasingly find themselves in the crosshairs.

“In these shifting times, it is more essential than ever to speak out - saying “no rolling back on women’s rights.”

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