Greece: TV and radio campaign spot in support of journalists

The Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (JUADN) has launched a TV and radio campaign spot in support of journalists, media pluralism and credible news and information during the pandemic.

Credit: JUADN

The 36-second broadcast has been aired by all national tv stations and will continue to be seen and heard for the next month with the permission of the Greek National Broadcasting Board.

The broadcast focuses on the work of journalists to provide credible information during the pandemic, ending with a plea to “trust them, buy newspapers and magazines, get informed by credible media”

The campaign comes as Greek media have laid off workers. In some sports newspapers 90% of staff have had their contracts suspended. Journalists across the country are working longer hours and in increasingly precarious situations. JUADN is campaigning for the government to halt all contract suspensions and adopt a union proposal to subsidise media employment.

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