EFJ Supports Greek Journalists’ in Strike Over Social Security Changes

The International Federation of Journalist and its regional group, the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), today reiterated their support for Greek journalists in their fight against the government's "fund merger" plan, which specifically targets journalists’ pension funds as a source of funding to cover deficits in other sectors’ ailing funds. 

“Journalists in Greece are aware of the great danger a weakening of the social security system would have on their future and are united with strength in fighting the government plans. We are in solidarity with our colleagues and believe that a decent and fair social security fund for all media workers is at the heart of a decent work agenda,” said Arne König, EFJ Chair. 

The latest strike is the fourth in a string of protests that started in November 2007. The Greek journalists’ unions along with other media workers will join an all media strike starting tomorrow, February 13, at 6.00am that continues until 6.00am on Thursday, February 14. 

The EFJ and IFJ support the Greek unions’ demand for independent and autonomous social security institutions and back their struggle to end the government’s plans. 

Messages of solidarity to the striking journalist and the unions can be sent to the following address: [email protected] ;[email protected]   

For more information contact the EFJ at +32 2 235 2200 
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