AFP: More than 3500 people signed the petition

In just a few days more than 3500 people have signed a petition calling on Agence France Presse to stop stealing photographers’ copyright. The petition was launched by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) after management at the French-owned agency sought to impose new contracts on freelance photographers in a number of countries. The contract requires photographers to sign a global, irrevocable, perpetual licence to allow the company to use their photos and videos on any medium, in any language, in any form including in any future products. The company, which has offices in 150 countries worldwide, has signed a collective agreement with photographers employed in France which protects their copyright but is choosing to discriminate against photographers working in a number of other countries by stealing their copyright. The French unions represented at AFP and the International Federation of Journalists have now launched a campaign for fair contracts for all. In just a few days more than 3500 people have signed up, sending a protest email to the company urging them to reach a global agreement protecting photographers’ copyright. Become part of the campaign, take action now

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