Afghanistan: 87% of women journalists have suffered discrimination under Taliban rule

A survey by the Afghan National Journalists' Union (ANJU) has revealed a dramatic slump in the number of women journalists working and a huge rise in the numbers facing discrimination in Afghanistan since the Taliban took power. On International Women's Day, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and ANJU joined voices to denounce the situation facing women journalists in Afghanistan and support their fight for their labor and human rights.

Taliban members stop women protesting for women's rights - BULENT KILIC / AFP

The survey, “Working conditions of women journalists under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan" addresses women journalists' psychological, physical, and digital safety situation and the growing crisis of freedom of expression in the country.

The survey found that:

·87% of women journalists have experienced gender discrimination during the Taliban regime

·60% of women journalists have lost their jobs and careers.

·79% of women journalists said they have been insulted and threatened under the Taliban regime, including physical threats, abuse by Taliban officials, written and verbal threats.

·91% of working women journalists were the sole economic support of their families

·87% of women journalists are not motivated to work in the current situation due to fear and panic

Respondents also shared deep concerns over Taliban policies affecting security, the restriction of media funding and the lack of a media law.

The survey also shows that women journalists need more training in safety and capacity building.

Over 500 respondents from 34 provinces took part in the survey.

IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger said: "The current situation of Afghan journalism is critical and will not get better until women journalists can return to their jobs and can report safely and free of threats from Taliban officials. On  International Women’s Day we join ANJU in denouncing the abusive situation faced by Afghan women media workers and urge the Taliban authorities to stop its crackdown on media”.

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