Affiliates activities for 8th of March

Just like every year, the IFJ highlights the activities of our unions and affiliates to mark Women's Day on 8 March. Take a look at the activities and materials which we will be updating in the coming weeks, and get inspired to join the list with your union!

Credit: Union of Cyprus Journalists

Peru: ANPP

6-7 March : 14th National Meeting of Women Journalists, Lima. Approximately 100 women journalists from Lima and the regions will participate. A sit-in in front of the Ministry of Labour on Friday, March 6th at 12:00 demanding better living and working conditions for women.

Denmark: Dansk Journalistforbundt

A self-defence workshop for journalists will be organized on Women’s Day.

Costa Rica: The Costa Rican Journalists’ Union

The union will write a letter demanding protections of women journalists, especially in the light of increased feminicide, and to address the conventional and macho-approach to domestic violence.

Cyprus: Union of Cyprus Journalists

An hour-long protest, as part of nation-wide "The Time is Now" initiative. All women in Cyprus all called upon to stop working for an hour, to protest inequality. 

Spain: Federación de sindicatos de periodistas (FeSP)

- As every year the FeSP will write a statement for the affiliation and media to support the demands and the feminist struggle of 8 March. This year the message will put special emphasis on the convention 190 of the ILO.

- This year the FesP will also hold a film forum in different cities in Spain with the documentary "A Dark Place" of the OSCE and IPI. After the screening of the documentary, various speakers will address the issue of online harassment of women journalists and the importance of media in the fight against discrimination and violence against women.

- Prior to the 8 March mobilisations, the FeSP will call on the profession to support the mobilisations and demonstrations planned for 8 March and we will disseminate the manifesto of the 8M Communicators collective, of which many of the affiliates of the FeSP unions are members.

Indonesia:  Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI)

AJI will join a mass protest with 10 other groups and organizations. The goal will be to force the government to pass a bill on elimination of sexual violence. During the rally AJI will also raise some journalist’s special issues such as stopping sexual harassment for female journalists, the need of a breastfeeding room for female journalists in the office, and more opportunities in the newsroom for female journalists. During the afternoon on March 8,  AJI will hold an open discussion themed “Gender Equality in the Workplace.”

Iraqi Kurdistan: The Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate (KJS)

The KJS will participate in a national campaign against gender inequality, and discrimination and violence against women. This will take place on the 8th of March in the Kurdistan region. 

Guinea - Bissau: Sindicato dos jornalistas e técnicos da comunicação social da Guiné-Bissau (SINJOTECS)

On March 8, International Women's Day, SINJOTECS is going to organize a day with women journaliststo discuss the problems of women in the Guinean press. During this day we will going to use the IFJ main campaign theme. 

Serbia: The Croatian Journalists' Union 

On the eve of Women's Day, the Croatian Journalists' Union will remind you of the poorer position of women in society, as well as in journalism, through the "Women Journalists and Other Dangerous Things" campaign.

Belgium:  The Association des Journalistes professionnels (AJP)

On the occasion of Women’s Rights Day, the AJP is presenting (in French) recommandations on the media treatment of violence against women, this coming Friday March 6, 2pm at the Minister’s office, Bénédicte Linard.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:  The BH Journalists' Association

1. The BH journalist Association will publish media article on March 4 about the launch of the Media for Women campaign ((#M4W), organized by the Free Press Unlimited organization form the Netherlands,  and invite Bosnian media outlets to join this campaign;

2. Selection  at least 10 members of the Female Journalists Network in BiH who will record a video or photo message with a text regarding the main theme of the campaign “Inclusive and Equal” to the Portrayal of Women by the Media; these messages will be published on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channel of BH journalists;

3. Invitation to media outlets to engage in the production of content on women in the media in a positive, innovative and gender-sensitive manner; BH journalists Association will at the end of March select and declare "Gender Equality Champion" with a symbolic diploma and flag of the best M4W. That flag will be transferable - we can continue the action until the end of 2020 and choose the Gender Equality Champion every month until 2020. 

4. The BH journalists Association will participate in a conference on the presentation of women politicians and breaking gender stereotypes and public space in BiH. The debate will be held on March 6, with a  debate on the Westminster Foundation and the Bosnian - Herzegovina Parliament and OSCE Mission to BiH; 

5. On March 7, the BH Journalists Association will publish a proclamation “Stop the Gender-Based Violence in the Media”, and call on the Government of BiH to ratify the ILO Convention 190 in its entirety. The call for ratification of the ILO Convention 190 should also be sent to the Governments of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Entities - the Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska, as well as to the Ministries of Human Rights, the Gender Equality Agency and Gender Centers.

6. The BH Journalists Association, in cooperation with the EU Info Center from Sarajevo will organize 3 panel discussions within Bosnia and Herzegovina' cities on the topic of human rights of female journalists.

Spain: Federación de Asociaciones de Periodistas de España (FAPE)

FAPE will launch, as it does every year, a Manifesto calling for participation in all events in favour of women's equality and will also defend adherence to ILO Convention 190.


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